To arrange for auditions, check availability and rates, or to book Bill for your next project, please contact Bill's agent listed below. Thank you.

The Campbell Agency, Dallas

Email Bill: billpryce at verizon dot net

Bill Pryce

Bill is a male voiceover talent. He has a private digital studio with free Source Connect availability but also steps up to the mic at many of the world class studios in the Nashville area.

He also has analog phone-patch in the home studio allowing you to supervise the session over the phone, then receive your files right away via email or FTP.

Voice Characteristics

Bill's voice is described as warm, sophisticated, classy, yet versatile. He can give you a National Geographic style film narration, a cranky boss, or a West Texas dairy farmer with two missing fingers.

Bill's voice falls in the 35-55 age range. His natural pitch is lower mid-range to low. (But not "VOG" deep.)

He spent many years as a copywriter and audio producer. He knows how to tell your story from the writer's perspective. He is very good at painting pictures in your customer's mind using your words, and is easy to direct.

Another of Bill's skills (is poetry--no, just kidding) is the ability to read copy really fast. He spent a number of years doing the fast legal tags for Nationwide Insurance and one of the Miller Lite brands.



Bill is represented by The Campbell Agency in Dallas. Dial 214-522-8991 Ask for Sharon.

Call or email them anytime for a custom audition of your material, or to check for rates, conflicts, and availability. They are all great people, will take care of your needs, and are much smarter than Bill about what it will cost.

The Studio

The primary microphones are a Sennheiser MKH-416 short shotgun, a voice-over standard on the West Coast and a Neumann TLM103.

Audio is recorded on a Mac. We use Twisted Wave and Amadeus Pro software. (Firing up Pro Tools to record a dry voice track is like opening Photoshop to re-size a picture--massive overkill--but that's just an opinion.)