To arrange for auditions, check availability and rates, or to book Bill for your next project, please contact Bill's agent listed below. Thank you.

The Campbell Agency, Dallas

Email Bill: billpryce at verizon dot net


Working with Bill Pryce was a joy; we used him many times for legal reads in ad campaigns for clients like Nationwide Insurance and Miller Brewing. Bill was reliable, professional and we always finished early - he never misses . . . his reads were spot on and we were usually done in 3 takes. I would recommend him wholeheartedly for any kind of voice work.

Dermot Faulds - Sr. Broadcast Producer DermotX

Working with Bill is like having an emotional tour guide added to a project. There is only so much a film crew can do with motion pictures. We leave holes in the communication - and Bill builds bridges across them with his talents as a story teller.

Margo Weathers - Director Supply & Demand

I have had the pleasure of working with Bill on numerous projects for Cymbalta through iMC2 as well as many other projects. Bill is the consummate professional in every way. He has a very pleasing voice to listen to, knows how to take a script exactly where the client needs it to go to best communicate to the audience, and has a variety of voice characters to fit the project's needs. I always look forward to working with Bill.

Jurgen Horn - studio owner and producer Jurgen Horn Productions

Bill Pryce is the man I like to call when I need an intelligent yet warm read. Bill has the ability to take a very technical script full of acronyms and long words like "goniophotometer" and say them with ease, clarity and meaning and actually sound like a human being! I've enjoyed collaborating with Bill on probably in the neighborhood of 50 videos over the years and he brings an enthusiasm and strong voice to every project.

Brad Ruekberg - President - Channel Three Productions

Here's a Flash file and an mp3 of our (Chrysler) "In Common" spot. And yes, they did turn out well, and your classy VO brings it up a notch!

Dale Jones - Sr. Producer - Broadcast Production, BBDO/Detroit
(Now CD/Executive Producer for TVS)

For over 15 years, I've trusted Bill's experience to get the job done quickly and professionally. He discerns the script, gives a great read, and returns files with a superb sound quality. More importantly, he makes me look good in front of my clients.

Steve McGregor - President - Photo Electric