To arrange for auditions, check availability and rates, or to book Bill for your next project, please contact one of Bill's agents listed below. Thank you.

The Campbell Agency, Dallas

dB Talent, Austin

So What Exactlty Does Bill Do?

Bill is a male voice actor, also refered to as a male voice talent, male voice over artist, or male voice-over performer and narrator. A clever man in Scotland has coined the term "voiceoverist."

What Does That Mean?

Bill can provide an un-seen voice in your radio or TV commercial, training or sales videos, games or toys.

What Geographic Area Does Bill Serve?

Anywhere there is Internet or an ISDN connection.

What Is ISDN?

ISDN allows a direct digital connection between far apart studios to send CD quality audio back and forth in real time. Think of it as a microphone with a really really long cord.

Does Bill Have ISDN In His Studio?


Does He Charge Extra For It?


Does Bill have the IP based alternative to ISDN called Source Connect?

Yes. His user name is billpryce. (What a surprise.)

Can I just direct Bill over the phone and have him send me the files?


In one sentence, describe Bill's private studio.

Professionally designed and constructed, completely sound proof, broadcast quality, professional gear, Pro Tools and Amadeus Pro software, recorded on a Mac. Voice tracks from the studio have been on the air in the U.S. coast-to-coast.

That's two sentences.


Name Some of The Companies Bill Has Voiced Projects For.

American Airlines, Alcon Labs, Nationwide Insurance, 7-11, Dell Computers, Southwest Airlines, Neiman Marcus, Salvation Army, TxDot, Global Knowledge, Chrysler-Jeep and Miller Brewing to name a few. Call Bill's agents for more and current conflicts.

Does Bill do $50 TV spots?


Why do I see those rates and cheaper on the Internet?

Those are often out of work small market radio DJ's. Your project will sound like it.

Thanks for talking to us.

You're welcome. I'm here all week.